What are Actions?

An Action is the event a Bot performs. It occurs as a response to the Trigger in your Bot. 

For example, creating a new contact in your CRM is an action, or sending an email is an action.

How are Actions counted?

An Action is counted every time you move a piece of data from one app to another in a Bot. Basically, any step that happens after a trigger is counted as an Action.

Let's say you have a Bot like the one below:

There are 2 Actions happening here—Adding or Updating a Lead on Salesforce and Sending an Email using Gmail. 

If this Bot runs one time, it accounts for 2 Actions. If it runs 10 times in a billing cycle, it accounts for 20 Actions. 

Read this to know how Actions are counted for Automate.io's built-in apps:

Built-in apps are those apps that are built by Automate.io. They can be used to manipulate data like text, numbers. etc. to make your workflows more useful and powerful. There are six built-in apps—Formatter, Filter, Math, RSS Feed, Timer, and Webhooks.

The following count as Actions when your Bot runs.

  1. Timer - Wait and Wait Until

  2. Webhooks - POST data, GET data, and PUT data.

All the other Actions for the rest of the built-in apps are not counted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my Action count?

To find out your Action count, go to your Automate.io dashboard. On the right, under My Account, you will see the total Actions you have used or available during the current billing cycle. 

Note: You cannot find the Action count of your older billing cycles.

Can I find the number of Actions consumed by a specific Bot?

No. You cannot. But you can get a detailed view of everything that happens with your Bots under ACTIVITY

What if I finished my Action quota in my current billing cycle?

 If you are on the Business or Enterprise or Enterprise+ plans, your Bots will continue to run even if your Action quota is finished in the current billing cycle. However, if you are on the Growth plan, your Bots will be paused when you reach your quota (after due notification emails at 80% and 100% use).

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