Setup your Google Sheet

First, make sure your Google Spreadsheet is setup properly with data in the first 2 Rows - check the help doc here

Setup the Trigger

Once the sheet is setup, you can start setting up the Trigger. Connect your Google Sheets account, select the trigger 'new-row' and then select the Sheet to be used. 

This will show the Column names of the sheet as Output fields. You need to add this output field to fill the Input for Google Calendar event. 

Setup Calendar Action

Add Google Calendar app and select 'Add Event' as the action. As below, insert the data from the sheet into appropriate fields.

Date & Time Format

The Event Start time and End time are required and it is tricky.
Note that the dates have to be in the following format:

17-Feb-2017 11:00:00
03-Jan-2018 20:15:00

You will need to enter the data accordingly in your Google Sheet.
Also, make sure you select the correct 'Timezone' in the Bot.

If the format of data in your Google Sheets is different, you will need to use the Formatter app 'Format Date' action and change it to your desired format.

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