Why are we discontinuing the Automate.io product?

We are partnering with Notion to create a product that enables people to easily build their own software that works for them. Rather than splitting our focus between two products, we are shutting down the Automate product so that our team can focus on bringing our expertise in integrations to the Notion platform to quickly build the best product that enables our vision.

Can we continue using the product past the sunset deadline?

We are continuing the product for 6 months (to October 31st) to give customers enough time to off-board. We are unable to extend the product past this point.

What are alternative products that you recommend? Are there partnerships that will help customers transition?

We’ve partnered with Zapier to provide our paid customers with 12 months free on their paid plans to ease the transition away from Automate - learn more here. Notion also supports verified integrations with other automation tools. Check out Notion’s Integration Gallery for more information.

How will current accounts be affected?

We encourage all existing customers to off-board in advance of October 31st, and will not take customer upgrades moving forward. Additionally, annual customers up for renewal before October 31st should switch to a monthly plan if they want to continue with Automate up until the product shuts down.

I am on a yearly plan and until what date can I continue to use the Automate.io platform?

All the accounts will be terminated on the sunset date which is October 31, 2022. Any cost of unused duration will be refunded automatically. We recommend you to move all your automations to another platform ahead of the sunset so that you have enough time to test the new service.

What if I do not transition away from the Automate.io platform?

The automate.io platform will not be available after 31 Oct 2022 and your account access and data will be deleted. We recommend you move all your automation to another platform ahead of the sunset so that you have enough time to test the new service.

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