What is Formatter?

Formatter is a built-in app by Automate.io. You can use it to perform some of the below mentioned actions.

  1. Text formatting

  2. Date/Time formatting

  3. Number formatting

  4. Data parsing (XML/JSON)

  5. Lookup table

Where do I find OR How do I use Formatter in my Bot?

You can find Formatter while you are creating a Bot. To use Formatter, first, add a Trigger app to your Bot. Then, select Formatter from the Apps list while specifying the Action to be performed by the Bot.

Common issues with Formatter

❗️ I am unable to find / select Formatter while selecting the trigger.

Since Formatter only converts data coming from another app in your Bot, it doesn't support any triggers yet.

❗️ I cannot find where OR how to add Formatter app in my account.

You need not add Formatter app to your account. It is available automatically in every account, and is visible directly while creating a Bot. Please refer to Where do I find OR How do I use Formatter in my Bot section above.

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