Text formatting

Use the Action Format Text for performing various text operations as described here

  • Split Text - Splits a given text based on a letter or word. You can also split based on space, new line or tabs (see section Codes for Special Characters below)
  • Replace text  - Allows you to find text (letter, word, phrase) and replace it with any other text. 
  • Uppercase - Converts text 'Abc' to 'ABC'
  • Lowercase - Converts text 'Abc' to 'abc'
  • Trim Text - Removes preceding and trailing space. 
  • Title case - Converts the first letter of each word to capitals
  • Extract Email - Searches and extracts the email address from the given text.
  • Extract Number - Searches for extracts numbers from the given text.
  • Extract URL - Searches and extracts web link (URL) from given text

Example Usage

Let's say you wish to split the email address into two parts and use the first part before the '@' symbol. You can do it as shown in the image below.

In this case, the output field Split Text contains data person

The Separator can be either a letter or a word. In case you wish to split it based on special characters like space or new lines. You can use the following Codes in such cases

Codes for Special Characters 

Sometimes you may need to use special characters like space (For example, to split full name into first and last names). We allow certain Codes so that you can provide this special characters as inputs. 

[:space:] - for spaces (\s)
[:newline:] - for new lines character (\n)
[:tab:] - for tab space character (\t)
[:return:] - for carriage return character (\r)
[:blank:] - for specifying nothing 

These Codes are supported for following operations

  • Split Text - for Separator field 
  • Replace - for Find and Replace with fields

Formatting Dates

For input fields which require a Date input, you will need to provide the dates in Automate.io's standard format (21-Dec-2018 14:40:00 - Read more on Date formats). Sometimes, when you use Output fields from the trigger in the input fields, the format of date in it may not be in the standard format you will need to convert  it to the standard format.

Use the Format Date action for converting one Date format into another.

The Input section is where you provide the input date/time and optionally specify the format. If you are unsure about it (or if the format option is missing in the dropdown), you need to leave it as 'Auto Detect'. The system understands a wide variety of formats. 

The Target section is where you mention the format you wish to convert it to.
You can choose the desired format from the drop-down. 

In most cases, what you may want is to convert it into Automate.io's standard format (provided in the drop-down) so that it can be used as an input in a subsequent action.

 If you are looking for some other format not provided in the drop-down, you can choose the  Use Custom Value  option and provide your desired format.  You can lookup for the formatting options here. Look for the desired tokens for year, month, day & time. 

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