What is a Bot?

A Bot is a workflow automation on Automate.io which connects your favorite cloud apps to each other and moves data between them automatically. 

Every Bot has one Trigger app and one or more Action apps. To learn what these terms mean, check out our Automate.io terminology page.

A step-by-step guide to creating a Bot

Creating a Bot is very easy. 

For example, let’s say you are using Facebook Lead Ads and Salesforce, and whenever you get a lead on Facebook Lead Ads, you want that lead to be automatically sent to your Salesforce account.

You can build a simple Bot for that. Just follow the steps below or watch a video.

1. Getting Started

  • Click on Create a Bot at the top of your dashboard. 

  • Give a name for your Bot. Let's say 'Facebook leads to Mailchimp', as we are using these two apps in this Bot. 

2. Connecting the Trigger app

  • The Trigger app is the app which starts your Bot. So, it is always the first app in your Bot's workflow. If you want to make a Bot which sends your Typeform submissions to your Mailchimp list, the trigger app will be Typeform. Similarly, in this use case, the trigger app is Facebook Lead Ads. Select Facebook Lead Ads from the 'Select Trigger app' drop-down.

  • A windows appears which requires you to log in to your Facebook account. 

  • Enter the login details, and select the page from which you want to collect leads. 

  • Perform the other steps that follow. You have now connected your Trigger app.

3. Selecting the Trigger event

  • In the drop-down, select 'New Lead'. You will then see the Input Fields for that trigger that need to be filled in.

  • In the ‘Input Fields’, select the page and the form. Now, you will see the list of 'Output Fields' for the trigger.

What are Output Fields in the Trigger?
In a Trigger, the Output fields contain data which comes from the Trigger event.

For example, if your Trigger event is 'New Lead' in Facebook Lead Ads, then the output fields for the Trigger will contain the actual data entered in the Facebook lead form like Name, Email, etc.

4. Connecting the Action app

  • The Action app performs an event in your Bot. In this case, it is Salesforce. Select the Action app from the 'Select Action app' drop-down.

  • Enter the login details in the window that appears. 

  • Perform the steps that follow. You have now selected the Action app.

Note: You can add more than one action app in your workflow depending on what you want your bot to accomplish.

5. Selecting the Action to be done

  • In the drop-down, select 'Add or Update a Lead'. You will then see a list called 'Input Fields' for this action.

What are Input Fields in the Action app?
In an Action, the Input Fields are those fields which are returned by the Action app. These fields need data to perform the desired action. The data can be provided by the Output Fields in the Trigger app. 

In this example, the data for the Input Fields of Salesforce can be provided by the Output Fields of Facebook Lead Ads. You can do that by dragging and dropping the fields that you want like this.

This is also called mapping the fields. You can even add more information to your action depending on your use case.

6. Saving and Turning ON the Bot

  • After you are done with creating your Bot, save it by clicking on the Save button on the top-right.

  • You will see that your Bot is in an OFF state. You can turn it ON using the toggle button.

Now your Bot will run automatically every time the trigger event happens.

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