Date and Time Formats

You can either enter a date/time in the input field or drag-drop a data from another source.

Input Format

When you enter a date, it should be in Automate IOs standard format. 

  • 05-Dec-2018 - Date only format

  • 05-Dec-2018 09:15:00 - Date & time

Output Format

When you use date/time coming from some other source (like Trigger output fields or Action output fields), we convert the date to the standard format.

  • 12-May-2016 - Date only

  • 12-May-2016 21:30:10 - Date & time

Modifying Dates

Changing Date Format

Use the Formatter app 'Format Date' action to change the date format.

Add / Subtract Time

You add or subtract a certain amount of time to any data in the Output fields. For example, if you wish to add 1 day to an output field date, add ' +1d' (without quotes and with a space before the '+' )

Some examples of codes you can use

  • Code for adding one hour +1h

  • Code for adding 15 minutes +15m

  • Code for adding one-day, 6 hours and 10 minutes would be +1d +6h +10m (space before each + sign)

  • Code for subtracting 5 hours would be -5h 

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