1. JotForm API Key

You can generate/copy your API key from this link in JotForm. Please ensure to provide full access To Yout API Key.

2. Datacenter

You would need to specify if your data center is located in Europe. Please visit this link to check if the European data center is enabled.


New Form Entry

Description: Triggers whenever there is a new response submitted for the specified form.

Unsupported items: custom fields of type control_appointment and calendar.


Unfortunately, we're not yet supporting any actions to be performed in Facebook Lead Ads. Please feel free to reach out to us for new action requests or suggestions.

Common issues with JotForm Integration

❗️ I am unable to authenticate my JotForm account. I am using JotForm Enterprise.

Unfortunately, we are not yet supporting working with JotForm Enterprise accounts however, we do plan to fix this in the near future.

❗️ My Bot is not triggering. I am using the New Form Submission trigger.

This issue occurs when the connection between the JotForm and might be broken. Please reconnect the JotForm app from the Apps page and test it again.

❗️ I cannot see how do I make my Bot work for all the forms.

As of now, one Bot works for one form only. Please create different Bots for one form each.

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