Connecting Instagram with

Connecting Instagram is possible using the same email / username + password combination you use to login to your Instagram account. You can head to Apps page, and add Instagram app - a new window will pop up asking you for your Instagram credentials.

Note: While connecting your Instagram account with, please ensure you login with your credentials and check 'Access your media' box as highlighted below.


⚡️ New Post

Description: Triggers when there is a new post (image/video) made by your account. Some of the commonly used fields from this trigger are caption, media URL, media type, timestamp, username.

Unsupported items: Media URL output field will contain a URL which might not be acceptable when passed to subsequent actions/apps. For example, New Post in Instagram leads to Add Post in Facebook Pages might not work because expected image URL in Add Post action of Facebook Pages needs the URL to end with a image format (https://filename.png/).


Currently, we are only supporting one trigger (New Post) for our Instagram integration. We do plan on enhancing this soon after we see new capabilities and permissions from the relevant API.

Feel free to get in touch with our support team in case of any questions related to Instagram integration.

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