Formatting numbers is possible using Formatter app in using Formatter's Format Number action.

The Format Number action allows you to choose a symbol for grouping as well as the decimal place in a number.

Where do I find OR How do I use Formatter in my Bot?

You can find Formatter while you are creating a Bot. To use Formatter, first, add a Trigger app to your Bot. Then, select Formatter from the Apps list while specifying the Action to be performed by the Bot.

For example, let's say you have a number 123,456.789 and you want to convert the grouping into 123 456 789. This can be done using the Format Number action in your Bot. Let's see how to do that.

  1. Input the number that needs to be formatted. The maximum digit limit here is 15.

  2. Under Input Grouping Symbol, choose the delimiter from the drop-down that is used before each third digit from the left. For example, if the number is 45,875.54, the delimiter here is a comma.

  3. Under Input Decimal Symbol, choose the delimiter from the drop-down that is used to separate the decimal numbers. In the previous example, in the number 45,875.543, the delimiter is a period.

  4. Under Output Grouping Symbol, select the delimiter that you want from the drop-down.

  5. Similarly, under Output Decimal Symbol, select the delimiter to separate the decimal numbers.

  6. The output number is saved in the Formatted Number field. You can pass this to any other apps in your Bot.

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