I set up my Bot and it's working! 😍

.. but what next?

You would've heard the quote "If you are the smartest in the room, get out of it.". Do you know why? The people who are not smartest in the room do not know what they are missing out on, and how they can be the smartest in that room.

For example, did you know about any of the below features?

⏳ Data Check (Faster Bots)

Your Bots can actually run faster if you upgrade to a paid plan. Plans like Business and Enterprise can make your Bots run up to 5x faster. Similarly, Growth plan can make your Bots run up to 2x faster. Available on all paid plans.

✔️✔️ Multi-Action Bots (Multiple tasks performed by a single Bot)

Did you know your Bot can perform more than one actions? For example, new lead from Facebook Lead form can by added as a subscriber in Mailchimp, then can be added as a lead in Salesforce and an automated email can be sent to the same lead altogether in one Bot only. Available on all paid plans.

🔁 Auto Retry (Never failing Bots)

Using Auto Retry, your Bot(s) automatically retries performing the actions in case an error occurs with them. For example, if your Bot is syncing leads from Facebook Leads to your Mailchimp, and if the Mailchimp app is down due to maintenance, you need not worry. Auto Retry is your savior here. Available on Startup and above plans.

📈 Excess Actions (Never stopping Bots)

Let's say you are on Free plan and your Bots consume 300 actions in a month - all your Bots will get paused. Excess Actions feature is what would eliminate this possibility. It would not let the Bots pause, and will allow them to consume as many actions required. Available on Growth and above plans.

💎 Premium Apps (Facebook Lead Ads, Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify, etc.)

Some of the integrations/apps available with us are 💎 Premium. Some of these are Facebook Lead Ads, Salesforce, Etsy, Zendesk, etc. You may find the list of premium apps here. Available on all paid plans.

🤐 Data Retention Controls (Secured Account)

The data flowing through your Bots is stored and is visible on the Bot Activity page for 30 days by default. Your organization might not allow this due to confidentiality clause(s). Using Data Retention Controls feature, you could bring this down to 1 hour. Available on Business and Enterprise plan.

In case you still have any queries, please reach out to us.

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