1. Active PayPal Business account with admin privileges.

  2. Since PayPal is a premium integration, you would need a paid subscription of


⚡️ Successful Sale

Description: Triggers when there is a successful sale with the successful payment only. Please refer 'How to use the triggers?' section for more information.

⚡️ Refunded Sale

Description: Triggers when there is a refund made from your PayPal account. Please refer 'How to use the triggers?' section for more information.

⚡️ Any Transaction

Description: Triggers when any transaction takes place in your PayPal account. Please refer 'How to use the triggers?' section for more information.

🛈 How to use the triggers?

We'd need to connect our PayPal account. This is done by saving a unique URL provided by in your PayPal IPN settings. Please find the step by step guide below.

1. While creating the Bot, select a trigger as per your requirements, and click on 'Setup Webhook'.

2. A new window should pop up here which looks like below. Please click on 'Copy' to copy the unique URL. Then, click on 'I'm Done'.

3. Once the URL is copied, please visit PayPal IPN Settings and login to your PayPal account.

4. After you login to PayPal, click the 'Choose IPN Settings' button. Then, paste the URL you copied earlier and enable notifications. Click 'Save'.

Your settings should now look like below, with your URL.

5. Now, you need to make a sale so that the Bot gets all the relevant fields your PayPal store has. This step is to fetch all the custom fields available in your PayPal.

6. As soon as you make a successful sale OR refunded sale (based on the trigger selected), come back to this window and click on 'try sending actual data'.

7. This will load all the real fields (including custom fields) from your PayPal and show them all on the same page.

8. You may check if all the fields you need are visible and then click on 'Looks Good'.

9. All the fields visible will then appear as output fields under the trigger selected, which can be further used in subsequent actions.


Search an Invoice

Description: This action is used to search an invoice using Invoice ID OR Invoice Number OR Email address associated with the invoice.

Common problems with PayPal integration

❗️ My Bot does not trigger for all the sales / refunds / transactions.

Our triggers work based on IPN received from PayPal for any transaction, however, PayPal does not send IPN for transactions made from PayPal accounts. Hence, the Bot does not work for any transaction done from a PayPal account, it only works for transactions received in.

❗️ I am unable to connect PayPal sandbox account.

We are not yet supporting integrating with sandbox accounts in our PayPal integration.

❗️ Can I setup more than one IPN in my PayPal account?

As of now, PayPal allows you to setup only one IPN, and does not allow adding of more than one IPN URL.

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