What is the 'Team Members' feature?

The Team Members feature allows you to invite your co-workers to your Automate.io account. When someone joins your account, it is converted from a single-user account to a team account automatically.

In a team account, every user has their own workspace to create Bots and organize them in folders. Moreover, your account’s monthly Action quota is shared by all your team members and the team account will have a unified billing.

Please note that sharing a Bot or Folder with other members is not possible at the moment, however, our team is working on it and it will be available very soon.

Inviting co-workers to your Automate.io account

As an owner, you can invite your co-worker(s) to be a member of your Automate.io account.

✅ How do I invite someone to be a member?

  1. Click on your profile at the top right.

  2. Go to Settings > Members.

  3. Put in their email address and hit 'Send Invite'.

Note: You would need to complete your email verification before being able to invite a member.

✅ How long is the invite valid for my member?

An invite is valid for 30 days only.

✅ Is there a limit on how many members can be invited?

Yes, currently you can invite up to 3 members on Growth plan, up to 10 members on Business plan and up to 20 members on Enterprise plan.

✅ How do I cancel or resend an invite?

You can cancel the invite as well as resend it to the members(s) in case they haven’t received it. Please refer to the screenshot below.

✅ Can I invite my co-worker who is already using a paid subscription of Automate.io?

Unfortunately, you cannot invite such a member as inviting them means you (as an owner) are going to share your billing and action quota with them. Please contact our support team in such cases.

✅ Can I remove a member from my account?

Yes, you can either suspend or delete a member based on your requirements. Here's what it means.

Suspending a member: If you suspend a member, all of their Bots will be paused and they would be unable to login to their Automate.io account.

Please note, accounts of suspended members can be re-activated.

Deleting a member: If you delete a member, all of their Bots, as well as their account, will be deleted. They will no longer be able to find their existing account on Automate.io.

Please note, you won't be able to undo this action.

Sharing of your Action Quota + Billing

Your Action Quota will be shared amongst all the members invited by you to your Automate.io subscription.

✅ Where do I check my action quota consumption?

You can visit your Dashboard in Automate.io to check for the number of actions consumed in your ongoing billing cycle. You may refer to the below screenshot.

✅ Does each member have their own action quota?

No, all the members (including the owner) will have a collective action quota as per your subscription.

✅ Is the pricing shown on the website for one user or for one organization?

The pricing shown on the website is for one entire organization.


As an owner, ONLY you have access to the information mentioned below.

  1. Organization section.

  2. Members section.

  3. Data Retention Controls.

  4. Billing information.

  5. Switching to a different subscription plan.

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