What is Automate.io?

Automate.io is an easy-to-use workflow automation tool that lets you connect over 200 web apps you use every day. You can pass data through them and automate repetitive tasks without having to code or relying on developers.

Important Terminology

Bot: A workflow on Automate.io is called a Bot. For example, you have created a workflow on Automate.io to send you notifications of new cards created in a specific Trello board. That is a Bot.

Every Bot needs at least 2 apps—one Trigger app and one (or more) Action app(s).

Trigger app: A Trigger app starts your Bot.

Action app: An Action app performs the action in your Bot.

Benefits of Automate.io

  • Connects over 200 popular web apps

  • Simple drag-and-drop interface

  • No coding required

  • Total control over your data

  • Enterprise-level security

How to use Slack with Automate.io

1. Create an account on Automate.io

Register using your name, email address, and password. Sign up to Automate.io here.

2. Connect Slack to Automate.io

i) Give your app a name and click ‘Authorize’.

ii) Sign in to your Slack workspace.

iii) In the next window, give Automate.io permission to access your workspace by clicking ‘Allow’.

iv) Then, click ‘Save’. You now have successfully connected Slack to Automate.io.

3. Set up a bot on Automate.io

i) Click ‘Create a Bot’ at the top of the dashboard.

ii) Give your bot a name.

iii) Select Slack as the trigger app and “Get Data from Workflow” as the trigger.

iv) Similarly, connect Google Sheets as your action app and “Add Row” as the action.

v) Drag and drop the fields you want from Slack to Google Sheets.

vi) After you’re done, click “Save”.

vii) Then, turn ON the bot.

viii) Now, go back to Slack and click “I’m Done”.

ix) In the next window, select the bot that you have just created from the ‘Automate.io Bots’ dropdown. Then add the input fields either by inserting a variable or a value in ‘Input Field 1’. You can create a maximum of 10 input fields here.

x) After you’re done, click “Save”.

xi) Then click “Publish”.

Your workflow is now live and ready to use. But we recommend that you test it out so that it works as expected.

Please reach out to our support team in case of any queries or concerns.

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