You should have an owner or Add/Edit permissions to the calendar you want to integrate with

Common issues with solutions

1. I’m unable to find a calendar in the dropdown menu of the Bot setup.

Please make sure you are the owner or have Add/Edit permissions for the calendar you are looking for. If you have the required permissions and if the calendar is recently created or gained access to, reconnect the app once to fix this.

To reconnect Google Calendar, please follow these steps: Open the Apps tab in the app -> Go to Google Calendar -> Click on the reconnect button on the app.

2) I set up a bot to create events but it does not update the event when I want.

Adding an event and updating an event are separate actions and hence, we’d need to create a bot for each of the events. Please add Search Event, and then Update Event in order to make the bot update your events.

Note: This would make the bot multi-step.

3) How to find the event ID to update the correct event? OR How to update an event?

A bot created to update an event will always be a multi-step Bot, as you would need to use ’Search an Event’ action before ‘Update an Event. Events can be searched using ‘Event Title’ or ‘Description’ or ‘Location’ or ‘Organizer’ or ‘Attendee name or email address’. The ‘Search an event’ action will provide ‘Event ID’ as one of the output fields, which can be mapped to ‘Update an Event’ action.

Note: The Search term is case sensitive and needs to be an exact match to find the event.

4) How can I fix Date and Time format errors?

The Date and Time Format errors can be fixed using the “Formatter” app’s “Format Date” action. Click here for more information on the Formatter app. The recommended date and time format is “DD-MMM-YYYY HH:mm:ss” example (08-Sep-2020 20:18:00).

5) I am getting the required parameters missing error.

This error occurs if any of the required fields in the Bot setup have not received their values. For example, if “Search an Event” action is used in the Bot setup and “Event ID” from that action is mapped to “Update an Event” action.

In this case, if the “Search an Event” action fails and does not return any value, then the “Event ID“ will not be passed on to the “Update an Event” action, hence, will result in this error.


To prevent this error you can add a filter right after the search action, this will stop the Bot at the filter condition if the event is not found and prevent the Bot from this error.


  • New event Matching a Search” trigger does not work in case of recurring events.
  • Search an Event” action will not fetch any details if the “Event Summary/Title” length is more than 128 characters.
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