Common issues with Solutions

Issue 1: I am getting the following error when I try to authenticate the Weebly app in
Auth Object Request failed, ERROR: auth object parse did not return success

Resolution 1

Please try switching to the Incognito Window of the Chrome browser or Private Window on your Mozilla browser and then try to add the app in your account.

Chrome: To use the incognito mode, please click on the three dots that appear on the top right corner of the screen.

Mozilla: To use Private Window on your Mozilla browser, please click on the three lines button appearing on the top right corner of the screen.

Resolution 2

If Resolution 1 doesn’t help, please try adding the app in your Weebly account.

Steps: Go to Weebly App Store -> Search for -> Add it from there.

Please refer to the below screenshot.

Note: You’re following the above steps in your Weebly account and not in your account.

Now, please check and verify if the username, email, site_id, and site name are present in your Weebly account. These four details should be present in your Weebly account else you will see the error.

Please follow the below steps to get the Site ID on your Weebly account.

1. Log in to your Weebly account >> click on Edit Site.

2. Go to Site Settings.

3. Under General, you can find Site Address.

Resolution 3:

Please make sure that the User Name is present under the Manage Account.

Steps: Please Goto the following link: and then click on the Manage Account button. You should be able to input the User Name.

Issue 2: My Form is not appearing in the dropdown menu when I try to set up the bot by using the Form Submitted trigger.

If you are using Weebly's Form Submitted Trigger, please make sure that you have already received at least one submission. The bot will not be able to detect the Form if there is not even a single submission received.

There should be at least one existing form entry for the Form to appear in the drop-down menu when you create a bot.


1. At the moment, you cannot create multiple bots using the same trigger. For example, you can use the Form Submitted trigger with only one bot.
Reason: Weebly triggers are Webhooks-based and at the moment we’re only allowed to establish one Webhook connection for each trigger that we support.

2. We’re not supporting Weebly Designer Platform at the moment.

3. We’re not supporting authenticating your Weebly account using any other third party authentication method.

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