Due to some API updates from Google Sheets, we have added the following 3 triggers and 4 actions to the Google Sheets app and all of your Bots connected to Google Sheets might get paused on November 18, 2020.

How to resolve the issue if your Bots get paused on November 18, 2020?

Please follow the below instructions in order to resolve the issue and get your Bots working again.

  1. Open the Bot using the Google Sheets integration.

  2. Check if any trigger or action name has a '(Old Version)' tag.

  3. If you find any trigger or action which has the above tag, click on it and change it to the trigger/action with the same name, but with a (Recommended) tag.

  4. Verify all the field mappings. If there are any fields highlighted in red, clear those fields and map them again.

  5. Save the Bot.

You may also watch the below video to understand how to resolve this issue.

Note: Please ignore this article if you did not find any older version trigger/actions in your Bot.


  • New Row (Recommended)

  • New or Updated Row (Recommended)

  • New Worksheet (Recommended)

The older versions of these triggers — currently named in the app as New Row (old version), New or Updated Row (old version), and New Worksheet (old version) — will stop working from November 18, 2020.


  • Add Row (Recommended)

  • Search Row (Recommended)

  • Update Row (Recommended)

  • Delete Row (Recommended)

Similarly, the older versions of these actions — currently named in the app as Add Row (old version), Search Row (old version), Update Row (old version), Delete Row (old version) — will stop working from November 18, 2020.

If you need help in doing that, contact our support team.

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