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Common issues with Solutions

1. I am using the Google Forms app but I am provided with the option to select a spreadsheet when I try to set up the bot.

All the responses received for a Google Form are stored in a Google spreadsheet. If the spreadsheet is not created then you need to create one for the same. You can check out this help center article for details.

2. I am not seeing my Google Form spreadsheet in the dropdown menu.

Resolution 1

Please make sure you have created a Google spreadsheet for your Google Form. Once you have created the spreadsheet, it should appear in the dropdown menu while creating the bot.

You may follow the below steps to create a spreadsheet for the form you are working on. Please refer to the below screenshot.

A Spreadsheet is automatically added when you receive a response or you can add it by clicking on the spreadsheet icon.

You have now created the spreadsheet. While creating your bot, it will show up in the "Spreadsheet" section.

Resolution 2

If Resolution 1 doesn’t help, please make sure that the Google Forms account that you have authenticated with is correct.

You can also try reconnecting the Google Forms application to make sure that the correct account is linked: To reconnect Google Forms, please follow these steps.

Open the Apps tab at the top of the Dashboard > Go to Google Forms > Click on the ‘Reconnect’ icon appearing on the app.

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