• For the “New card (old trigger)”, if you have added multiple cards to a board/list at the same time, your Bot triggers only for the latest card added. For example, if you have added 5 new cards to a board/list, your Bot triggers only for the card added the most recently.
  • The trigger, “New card (webhook)”, instantly triggers when a new card is added to a board/list. The limitation here is as soon as you add a title to the card, the Bot triggers immediately. This does not give you enough time to enter other card details such as Description, Labels, Members, etc.

As a workaround, add “Timer” (’s built-in app) in the next action step. Select “Wait” from the dropdown, and add the desired time in the ‘Time’ field. This should give you enough time to enter additional details to your card.

After Timer, you will need to use the “Search a Card” action in the next step in order to retrieve the latest data from the Trello Card.

  • In the New card (webhook) trigger, there is a limit of 100 values in the ‘Board’ and ‘List’ dropdown menus.
  • For the “Add or Update card” action, there is a limit of 14 custom fields. And you can include a description here with a maximum of 5000 characters only in English.
  • Searching for a card using the “Search a card” action or updating it using the “Add or Update a Card” action with the search parameter as “Card Title” is not possible if that card has been created just a minute ago. We suggest you wait for a couple of minutes before you do that.
  • If you want to update a card using the “Add or Update a Card” action, your bot, by default, checks for duplicate cards on the basis of “Card Title”. So if the card title is changed or edited in any way, this action will always create a new card instead of updating the existing one.

Known issues

  • The “Add or Update Card” action does not work for updating a card if the card title has more than 20 characters.
  • In the “Search Card” action, if you are searching for a card using the ‘Card Title’ field and if there is a special character at the beginning of the Card Title, your Bot will not be able to find the card. You need to remove that special character and then try searching again.

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