Things to remember

  • While entering recipient details in the ‘Create a Signature Request’ action, you have to either fill in all the optional fields i.e. Email, Role Name, Name, and Signing Order (if you have set ‘Send Signature Request’ to “yes”) or leave all of them blank (if you have selected a template that has default recipients in the ‘Template’ drop-down). Otherwise, your Bot will throw an error.

  • If your template has a signing order, but in the above action, you have set it to “No”, then new recipients will be added at the first level. On the other hand, if your template has no signing order i.e. all default recipients in the template are at first level and you have set the signing order to “Yes” in the action step, then new recipients can be added as per recipient signing order in this step.

  • Emails to the recipients are sent as per the signing order.

  • Only when the recipients at the first level approve, the document will be sent to the next level. If anybody declines it or any other action happens in the middle, the sender will get notified via email.

Common errors with solutions

I get the following error message in DocuSign while trying to send a document.

Error: "Freeform signing is not allowed for your account because it conflicts with other settings, please place fields for each signer."

This error occurs due to one of the following reasons.

  1. Your account has “Document Visibility” enabled. To turn it off, you need Admin access to your account.

  2. An account feature may be disabled disallowing free-form sending on your account. In this case, contact DocuSign support.

For more information on this error, visit this page.


  • The ‘Create a Signature Request’ action supports 5 recipients at the moment. In other words, you can add up to 5 recipients to an envelope.

  • Your Bot will be able to trigger up to 1000 sent envelopes successfully during each data check.

  • Custom fields are only supported for default template recipients.

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