Connecting Discord to

To connect Discord to

1. Enter your email address and password. Click ‘Login’.

2. Select the server from the dropdown that you want to give access to, and click ‘Continue’.

Note: You can give your bot access to only one server at a time. If you want to select a different server for another bot, you have to connect Discord to once again and then select that particular server from the drop-down menu.

3. You will see that all the boxes are checked. These are the permissions you give to If some of these permissions are not given, it may affect your bot. Now, click ‘Authorize’.

4. Click ‘Save’. You’ve now connected Discord to

Things to remember

  • If you want to trigger your bot for a ‘New Channel message’ in a private channel, you need to give access to that private channel.

To give the access:

1. Click ‘Edit Channel’ next to the private channel you want to give access to. Then, go to ‘Permissions’.

2. Click the + button and select the member, “ - Production”.

3. Under TEXT PERMISSIONS, click the green check button next to ‘Read Messages’. And save the changes.

  • For the actions, ‘Search User’ and ‘Search Channel’, the search criteria in the Input Fields are case-sensitive.

Known limitations from Discord’s API

  1. In the ‘New Channel message’ trigger, ‘Message text to speech’ field returns a false value every time.
  2. For the ‘Search User’ action, ‘User Mute’ and ‘User Deaf’ fields return a false value.

Other limitations

  • We don't support voice messages for the trigger ‘New Channel Message’ and the action ‘Send Channel Message’.
  • For the action, ‘Add User Role’ you cannot add a role that was created before your server was added to Similarly, for the action, ‘Delete User Role’ you cannot remove a role that was created before your server was added to

Common errors with solutions

1. I’m unable to send messages to a channel.

There are 2 possible reasons for this.

  1. doesn’t have access to send messages to the selected channel.
  2. The ‘Send messages’ toggle is set to “disabled” in the channel’s permissions for the role, “ - Production”.

Workaround: To obtain permission to send messages in the channel:

1. Click the ‘Edit Channel’ button next to the channel name in the left panel.

2. Go to ‘Permissions’.

3. Click the + button and select the role “ - Production”.

4. Under TEXT PERMISSIONS, click on the green check sign next to ‘Send Messages’.

5. Then, save the changes.

2. I get the following error.

This error occurs if the user, “ - Production” was removed from your Discord server. As a workaround, you have to reconnect to the server.

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