Connecting HubSpot CRM to

There are two methods to connect HubSpot CRM to

Method 1:
Go to APPS in your dashboard. Click the blue ‘+’ button on the top-right. You will see a ‘Add a new app’ pop-up. 

Search for HubSpot CRM in the search box. Select HubSpot CRM. You will see a window that prompts you to validate the app.

Enter your login details and then click Sign In to give access to your HubSpot CRM account.

Then hit Save. You now have successfully connected your HubSpot CRM account to

Method 2:
While creating a Bot, you can directly connect HubSpot CRM either as a Trigger or an Action app. Refer to 'Connecting the Trigger app' or 'Connecting the Action app' in How to create a Bot.

Using HubSpot CRM with

Now that the connection is successful, it’s time for the real fun—creating bots to automate your tasks. You will need to set up a trigger and action(s) to do that. To learn what these terms mean, check out our terminology page.

You can integrate HubSpot CRM with so many of your favorite apps—support, collaboration, payments, forms, etc.


The 'New Contact in list' trigger only works with static lists.

Common issues

ERROR: Property Value is not Valid.
Your Bot throws this error message when invalid data is provided to the input field. For example, if you enter a dummy email address such as for the Email field to trigger the Bot you will encounter this error.

Possible solution: Ensure you’re providing valid formatted values for all the fields required.

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