When creating a Bot on Automate.io, you may have noticed that when you click the drop-down in a field, there is a list of values that you can select from. 

Out of these, you usually pick one value that carries on throughout your Bot. That’s helpful for a lot of use cases but can be very restrictive when you want a dynamic selection of those values depending upon what happens in the previous steps of your Bot.

For example, you want to save customers who make an order on your Shopify store into your Mailchimp account. But you want to segment and add them to a specific list based upon the product they’ve ordered. If they’ve ordered shoes, you’d want to add them to a Mailchimp list that collects information of customers who bought shoes. 

You will need a bit more flexibility in such a case. That’s when you need Custom Values

Before we learn how to use them in our Bot, let’s understand some important terms. Every value in a drop-down has a ‘Name’ and an ‘ID’. 

Name: The Name, as it says is the name of the value. It’s the darker text which appears on the left side of the value.

ID: The ID is the identification code given in an alphanumeric text to the value. It’s the grey text which appears on the right side of the value.

How to use Custom Values in my Bot?

Let’s understand this by taking the example of the above Shopify to Mailchimp use case. As mentioned earlier, whenever a customer makes an order on your Shopify store we want to add that person to a specific list/audience in your Mailchimp account depending on the product they’ve ordered.

1. In the List/Audience field, click the drop-down button. Click ‘- Use Custom Value -’. A field with the name ‘List/Audience ID’ appears below it.

2. In the box, enter the ID of the list/audience to which you want to add the customer or enter the ID if it’s available in the previous steps(you can get the ID ONLY if the trigger or any of the previous steps is also Mailchimp).

But most of the time your trigger or a previous step won’t be the same app as the one you want to add the ID to, so you won’t know the ID. In those cases, you can make use of the Lookup table. 

Click the ‘Add Lookup’ button. Automate.io will add an extra step called ‘Lookup table’ before this step. 

The Lookup table helps you select the value for your list/audience dynamically. You can visit this page to learn how to use the Lookup table.

Then proceed to create the rest of your Bot.

Note: When you click the drop-down button in a field and scroll down, you will see a list of values. Beyond that, if there are more values available, there will be a ‘Load more’ button which, of course, loads more values in the drop-down. But some apps, such as Asana, do not support the 'Load more' button. 

Even during such cases, we recommend you to use the Custom Values option.

A few other situations when you need to use custom values—while working with leads, deals, etc. in a CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot, tasks in tools like Trello or Asana, etc.

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