Connecting ServiceNow to

There are two methods to connect ServiceNow to 

Method 1:
Go to APPS in your dashboard. Click the blue ‘+’ button on the top-right. You will see a ‘Add a new app’ pop-up. 

Search for ServiceNow in the search box. Select ServiceNow. You will see a window which prompts you to validate the app (see 'How to validate ServiceNow?' below). 

Method 2:
While creating a Bot, you can directly connect ServiceNow either as a Trigger or an Action app. Refer to 'Connecting the Trigger app' or 'Connecting the Action app' in How to create a Bot.

How to validate ServiceNow?

In the window below, enter the App Name, Instance Username, Password, and URL. And click Validate. In the next window, click Save. ServiceNow will be successfully connected to

Image: Validate ServiceNow

See below to know how to get your Instance Username, Password, and URL.

Note: If you use SSO authentication to login to ServiceNow, visit this page to learn how to connect ServiceNow to

How do I get my Instance URL, Username, and Password?
Your ServiceNow Instance URL, Username, and Password will be provided by your admin when he/she generates your ServiceNow user. Your Instance URL will look like -

A ServiceNow instance goes into hibernation and will be subsequently reclaimed after a certain period of inactivity. In such a case, the connection between and your Instance will be lost. To continue using ServiceNow with, do the following:

1. Open your ServiceNow account and extend your instance.
2. Then, reconnect ServiceNow to by going to the apps section in your dashboard. Here, click Re-connect the app on ServiceNow and authenticate the app like shown above.

For more information, see the Personal Developer Instance Retention and Activity section in the ServiceNow FAQs page.

Using ServiceNow with

Now that the connection is successful, it’s time for the real fun—creating bots to automate your tasks. Learn how to create a Bot here. You will need to set up a trigger, and actions to do that. To learn what these terms mean, check out our terminology page.

You can integrate ServiceNow with so many of your favorite apps—CRM, support, collaboration, payments, forms, etc.

Common issues

1. While selecting a table from the drop-down in my Bot, I'm getting an error which says 'Error: User not authorized'.

Solution: This means that you don't have sufficient permissions to access that table. 

Suggestion: If you, as an Instance user, need to work with that table, ask your admin to either assign a role to you that gives you sufficient permissions to use that table or create a different user that gives you the necessary permissions.

Note: The sys_db_object table in a ServiceNow instance stores the metadata of all the tables in that instance. The ServiceNow admin is the only person who has access to that table, so only he or she can grant permissions to access any of its tables.

2. I'm getting the following error while trying to turn my Bot ON.  

Solution: To resolve this issue, you need to set the timezone for your ServiceNow Instance. Go to your Profile settings -> Timezone. Change it from System timezone to your specific timezone.

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