When you turn ON your Bot, you will be prompted to test it. The purpose of this step is to double-check whether our BOT works the same way we want.

You can skip the test by clicking on 'Skip the Test >>' below the prompt. But we highly recommend you to test your Bot after you've turned it ON. 

You can run a test in two ways:

  1. By creating a New Lead in Facebook Lead Ads (in this example)
  2. By running with sample data

By creating a New Lead in Facebook Lead Ads

Go to your Facebook Lead Ads form and create a sample lead. 

Now, on your Automate.io dashboard, click 'I'm done. Run the test'. The Bot will start looking for the new lead. 

Note: You have to click 'I'm done. Run the test' only after creating a lead on Facebook.

 When the lead is found, it will now appear on your Salesforce.

By running with sample data

When you click on 'Run with sample data' option, you will see a form to enter some dummy data. 

After you've finished entering, click Proceed. A new lead will be created on your Salesforce.

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