Recently, some accounts have been seeing below error while turning on their Bots having Facebook Lead Ads app. The Bots were paused automatically.

Most likely, this may be a temporary issue at their end and should get auto resolved in a day or two. Meanwhile, you may want to reach out to your Facebook account manager regarding the same and get this checked.

Workaround 1

1. For some of our users, below temporary fix has worked. You can try following this until this issue gets resolved.

The Facebook account you have signed into while connecting the 'Facebook Lead Ads' account, should have Admin or Advertiser access to the Facebook Page (on which your Ad is present)

Here's how you can add and Admin / Advertiser to the facebook page: 

These instructions are for the Facebook page owner. If you are an agency or using client's Facebook page to capture leads for them, you can ask them to follow instructions below.

  1. Go to Facebook Page > Settings.

  2. Go to Page Roles (not Business Manager).

  3. Add / edit your Facebook profile (authenticated by you in your account)'s role as Advertiser or Admin.

Please refer to the below screenshot. Your individual Facebook profile should be present in either of the marked zones on the Facebook page roles.

Once this is done, log out of your Facebook account on your browser. Then, please reconnect Facebook Lead Ads app in 

To reconnect Facebook Lead Ads app, please follow these steps.

  1. Open the Apps tab in the app.

  2. Hover over Facebook Lead Ads app.

  3. Click on the reconnect icon appearing on the app icon.

While reconnecting, please make sure to login with the same account's credentials which your client just added on Facebook Page Roles.

Please note, if you are an agency and your agency business is present as admin already, you can also try adding your individual Facebook profile as admin / advertiser as shown in above screenshot.

Workaround 2

Check if your page has age restrictions or any alcohol / adult content.

You can confirm this by checking if your page settings are same as shown marked in below image.

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