Connecting Magento to

Click the blue ‘+’ button on the top-right. You will see a ‘Add a new app’ pop-up. Search for Magento in the search box. 

Select Magento. You will see a pop-up which prompts you to validate the app.

Type in the app name.

How to get the Access Token?

To get the access token, log in to your Magento store admin. The URL of your store admin is usually https://store-url/admin, store-url being the URL of your Magento store. 

After logging into your admin, on the left menu go to System -> Extensions -> Integrations

Click Add New Integration on the top-right. A New Integration page opens.

Under Integration Info, type the name of the integration in Name. Here, it is ''. You can give any name here, but see that the name is relevant. 

In Your Password, type your admin password. It is recommended that you fill in the other boxes also. 

Now, Click API. In the drop-down under Resource Access, select All.

Click Save at the top-right. 

In your Integrations list, click Activate on the integration.

A new page appears asking you to allow the activation. Click Allow.

Now, you will see the page with the Access Token.

Copy that and paste it in the Access Token box in the popup. 

Enter the Domain URL

Under the Domain URL, enter your full domain URL, which is basically your store URL. Don’t forget to add https:// at the beginning. Click Validate.

If everything goes well, another popup will appear telling you that the authentication was successful. Click Save.

Magento appears in your Apps list. Congratulations!

Using Magento with

Now that the connection is successful, it’s time for the real fun—creating bots to automate your tasks. You will need to set up a trigger and actions to do that. To learn what these terms mean, check out our terminology page.

You can integrate Magento with so many of your favorite apps—CRM, support, collaboration, payments, forms, etc. 

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