We're committed to providing the best value to customers. Our cancellation policy is designed with the same intent and fairness. Here we present the most common scenarios for refunds and how we handle them. 

Forgot to Cancel 

This policy would apply if you forgot to cancel your subscription and your card got charged for a new billing cycle. Note that you will need to contact us within 2 working days after you receive the charge notification email. Otherwise, it is treated as a "mid-cycle cancellation". This applies to the very first billing cycle after the Trial, as well as later renewals. 

A full refund is made for in this scenario, provided there isn't a lot of activity in your account (i.e not much Action quota used). 

Full refunds are always done on your most recent payment only and not earlier ones. So, if you forget to cancel your subscription and write back to us after a few months, we'll only be able to refund the last payment. This is because we store account activity data for a 30 day period and there is no way we can check if the account is used during earlier months. 

Mid-cycle Cancellation

If you are on a Monthly plan and you cancel a week after the new billing cycle starts, we will be able to process a partial refund based on remaining time in your billing cycle and Action quota remaining. 

If you are on an Annual plan and you cancel, we will be able to refund the money for the unused months. Note that you will be billed on a Monthly billing rate for the used months. So if you cancel after 5 months and 10 days, we deduct the amount for 6 months as per the Monthly billing plan rate.

Not Satisfied

If you've evaluated Automate.io for a month and you are not satisfied, we'll do a full refund.  Note that applicability of the "not satisfied" clause is subject to our review based on your account activity and your conversations with our support team, to avoid abuse. 

Service Issues 

In the rare event of an outage of our service, we'll be able to process partial refunds on request based on severity.  If the issue due to an outage from the third-party apps, this clause won't be applicable.

Please write to us if you need further clarification. 

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