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On a new payment in Stripe (a successful charge on a credit card payment) you can:

  • In QuickBooks, save the Cardholder details as a new Customer addition or update an existing record

  • Generate an Invoice for the corresponding transaction with multiple line items



Trigger in this case is “New Payment (Charge)” as illustrated below


Firstly, set up the addition of cardholder details as a Customer. This would add their details to QuickBooks. Refer below for an illustration:

Here, we’ve used the customer email address coming from Stripe to create a new customer in QuickBooks.

Now, add a second Action to set up the addition of invoices based on your specific format. Map the relevant fields to the line items in your custom workflow. For ‘Customer ID’ use the output field from the previous action. For Line Items, you might want to add relevant data coming from Stripe.

Finally, save your bot and try performing a test run to ensure relevant fields are being saved to by the integration.


Adding First and Last Name:  Stripe does not provide the Name of the customer. So we can not fill in the First/Last Name input fields in the QuickBooks Action. In such cases, it would create a contact with email address itself as the Display name. However, if you have the name stored in some other app you use, we recommend pulling the customer data from that app and using it in the Bot. 

Line Items data as a Note: It may not be possible to populate line times data. You might want to add a Note to the QuickBooks Invoice with relevant data coming from Stripe.

For more possible integrations, check out Stripe and QuickBooks integrations.

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