How to add the WordPress app?

When creating the Bot (or in the Apps tab), open the Apps drop-down menu, select “Wordpress” under “Add New App” and click on connect to continue.

In the pop-up window, Provide  valid Wordpress username and password in 'Username' and Password' fields.

The Blog/URL Input field always provide Wordpress base  URL. If you login to your wordpress at then the URL you need to enter would be (make sure to include the last / )

Click on validate button and save the app

Common Issues

Issue 1: Invalid credentials error while adding the app

To resolve this issue, you will need to verify 2 things.
First, ensure that you added the Blog/URL correctly (including the trailing slash) as explained above. 

If this is fine, then check if you have PHP XML RPC installed on your server.

A way to check if the xml rpc is installed on your Blog is to give this in your browser 


The browser should show something like "XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only."

If you do not see this, you need to contact your system administrator regarding installing the PHP XML RPC package on your server. 

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