How to add the Hubspot app

When creating the Bot (or in the Apps tab), open the Apps drop-down menu, select “HubSpot” or "HubSpot CRM" (based on what you need) under “Add New App” and click on connect to continue.

If you are connecting  Hubspot Marketing, use the 'Hubspot' app in If you wish to connect HubSpot Sales/CRM app, please use the "HubSpot CRM" app.

In the pop-up window, click on Grant Access button to give access for HubSpot account with your valid username and password, click on Save button to save the App.

If your hubspot account is associated with more than one account choose the one which you has access for hubspot.

Resolving Authentication Errors

Sometimes you may see errors (screenshot below), while authenticating the app in app's tabs, this error represents that you don't have access to marketing resources. You will need to double check if you have chosen the HubSpot or HubSpot CRM app.

In some cases, you may see an error message as shown below while creating the Bot, or in the "Activity" in

You may encounter these errors either while creating the Bot, or enabling the Bot.

To resolve Authorization  issue,  you will need to re-connect your Hubspot app .

Go to Apps list, and hover on the Hubspot app, and click on the icon that says 're-connect the app'

 A new pop-up window opens up, allowing you to re-authorise access to your Hubspot account. Finish the authorization and save the app. 

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