Use the Webhooks app to send data to any URL with HTTP GET/POST/PUT methods. 

You can send the data as JSON, XML, RAW text. 

You can insert dynamic data into payload by  drag and drop output field of trigger/action, into the appropriate location in the payload data.

Sending data as XML

Here is an example to send data to a URL as XML.

Sending data as JSON

While sending data as JSON, keys must be strings, written with double quotes. The entire object should covered by curly { } brackets. Incase you wish to post an array of objects, you will need to wrap them with Square Brackets [ ] .
[image here]

Sending URL Encoded data

Here is the example of sending data in URL-encoded form. Each  (key, value) pair is separated from one another by an & (ampersand) sign, and for each (key, value) pair, the key is separated from the value by an = (equals) sign, as shown below.


Using Auth and other headers

When using Basic Auth, provide the valid username and password, separated by a colon.
You can also add any additional HTTP headers as shown in the image below

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