What you can do

  • Sync New and Modified Subscribers from MailChimp to Hubspot 

  • Sync New Contacts in Hubspot to MailChimp

  • Sync only Specific type of contacts/subscribers using the Filters app

check more possibilities to integrate MailChimp and Hubspot

What you can't 

  • Copy existing MailChimp subscribers to Hubspot, or vice-versa can't be done. Bots only deal with New data. You can do a one time CSV file import / export for this - these docs can help.    MailChimp - import & Export;  Hubspot - Export & Import

  • Tracking Email open and Click activity in MailChimp and syncing it with Hubspot isn't possible


  • Hubspot's New Contact trigger pulls a maximum of 100 contacts every 5 minutes

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