How to Create a Bot

Creating a Bot across your cloud apps is easy with

For example, let’s say you want to build a simple Bot between Wufoo and Salesforce, where when the user fills a form in on Wufoo, a contact is automatically created in Salesforce.

Let’s see how you can build this Bot in

Creating the Trigger

Select the Trigger App from the dropdown and then select the trigger event. You will then see the input fields (if any) for that trigger that need to be filled in.

In the example Bot, it’s a Wufoo form submission. So, select the App as Wufoo, select the Trigger as ‘New Form Entry’, then in the ‘Input fields’ select the specific form’.

You will then see the list of output fields for the Trigger.

What are Trigger Output Fields?

Output fields contain the data coming from the Trigger event.

For example, if your Trigger event is a new form submission in Wufoo, then the response fields for the Trigger will contain the actual data entered in the Wufoo form.

Output files are meant to be used for accessing dynamic data while defining the Actions. In the above example, for creating the contact in Salesforce, you can use drag-drop the output fields from the Wufoo form trigger for the contact name, email etc.

Creating Actions

After the Trigger is setup, you can add one or more Actions. Just select the App and then select the action to be performed.

For the above example, we want to create a contact in the Salesforce app, so select the action ‘create contact’. You will now see the input fields for this action. Now you can map the output field data from the Wufoo form Trigger, into the appropriate fields in Salesforce.

What are Action Output fields?

Action output fields contain the data returned by the service after the action is performed. For example, when a contact is created in your CRM, it may send a unique ID for the created contact. This is available

Or, in the case of ‘Search’ actions, you can search for a contact in your CRM using the email address. All the contact data will be made available as Action output fields so that it can be used in subsequent Actions you create.

How to Enable the Bot?

After you create and save the Bot, you will see it in ‘off’ state in the Bot list. You can switch it On using the toggle button.

Once a Bot is created a switched On, it runs automatically (in a few minutes) whenever the trigger event happens.

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